Sensor Saddle Pad




Take a look under your saddle. 



Our flexible Saddle Mat enables you to capture the pressure

distributionon the horses back.

The complex interaction of forces between horse,

saddle and rider is measured during relevant motion

phases or while standing.

It becomes apparent in which phases of motion

and where under the saddle undesirable pressure peaks occur.

The distribution of weight from the rider can be easily shown.

Together with the influences of speed and the weight of the rider

the riding technique affects the pressure distribution and can be analyzed.


Description of the System

The data transmission of the captured values fromthe measuring mat

on the back of the horse to the computer via wireless transmission

allows for an operating range up to 100m.

This allows You to caputre the relevant motion patterns

naturally as they happen.

The instantaneous display of the software allows the examiner

to get an overview of the pressure distribution

while the horse is in motion.

If necessary the sender is available with storage

function as Data Logger for longer rides.

For that a preconfigured measurement regime is used

during the ride to automatically capture the data.

The slow motion replay on the computer allows for a detailed

analysis of the pressure distribution and the centre of pressure

during differen maneuvers.

The analysis of localized pressure peaks is based on

440 Sensores placed under the horses saddle.

The fit of a saddle can be optimized but it is also possible

to judge and optimize the style of riding, if necessary.


Saddle fittings and measurements are availble.

If you are interested, please send us a e-mail.




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